As you might know, the concept of steering a rocket-ship through caves is almost as old as computers itself. In the 70's it started with just getting the craft to land! But soon people discovered it's also good fun to be able to shoot at things. This resulted in games like Thrust and Jetman on simple home-computers in the 80'. Later, games with two-player options started appearing using a split-screen. A good example of this is Kingsoft's classic on the Amiga called Gravity Force. This was a real breakthrough. It introduced true real time competition between two players. Heiki Kossola even improved this classic dogfight game by creating Turbo Raketti.

This game was so addictive it's still worth buying an Amiga just to play it!


In the 90's people were anxious to play a game like this on the PC as well. Since no real software-company released anything like it, the fans had to program a game themselves. This resulted in some very good efforts (like Turbis, Apollo and A2 ) and a lot of ....well.... less efforts. It was great to see the programmers incorporating all sorts of new ideas and options in the game-concept. X-pilot for instance was one of the first games with huge levels and multi player options using the Internet.

It's 2002 now, what makes this game different from all the others, you could ask. The gameplay itself is so good we left it unchanged. We did try to improve on the rest by making it more accessible, the graphics more up to date and the overall feel a lot smoother.