31.Aug.2002 TurboFighter is Open Source now!
We have decided to go Open Source with TurboFighter in the hope that people will join the project and help developing! Binaries and sources will be available through SourceForge!

7.Feb.2002 Website Online
After months of hard work it's finally here; the official TurboFighter website! Here you can find all the stuff we've been working on including the latest beta-version of the game.

Since from now on we're writing the news as it happens maybe a quick recap of what we did so far is in order...

1.Jan.2002 Work continued
Our programmer had a bit of a hard time getting the graphics guy to actually do something, but now even he is claiming to be busy trying to get the gfx for the site ready on time. Technically the gaming is really starting to look good, with the multiplayer-mode operational. It will still be a lot of work to incorporate all the functions we have in mind.


9.Oct.2001 Back from a long break
After a break of almost half a year, our programmer finally got around writing some new code for the game. The game started to get playable.

2.Feb.2001 Game is born
A first working version of the game is ready. You can already steer the fighter and shoot bullets. The engine is still a bit slow on some videocards and there's no collision detection but it's a start!

1.Oct.2000 Work started
The first real designs were made and a few preliminary gfx were made. The original plan to make this game were made even years before!!! (So go figure how long it will take till it's really finished!)