About VBSBeautifier

VBScript beautifier beautifies VBScript files. You can use it for your ASP and clientside VBScript files.

software screenshot


· Comes with a nice GUI.
· Works on serverside and clientside VBScript.
· Can be used as a text filter in editors.
· Skips HTML.
· Properizes keywords.
· Splits Dim statements.
· Places spaces around operators.
· Indents blocks.
· Lines out assignment statements.
· Removes redundant endlines.
· Makes backups.


vbsbeautifier.exe (1123 KB) 26.nov.2008 - VBSBeautifier v1.10 Freeware version installation package for Windows ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista


vbsbeautifier_src.zip (3 KB) 26.nov.2008 - VBSBeautifier v1.10 Perl Source code archive.