About The Broken Vow

The Broken Vow is a 3rd person action shooter game prototype. Goal is to provide a showcase for the possibilities of an elaborate 3D game using secret alien technology.

Gameplay video:


· 3D sound with custom sounds for all terrain objects.
· Custom particle systems for all terrain objects.
· Smooth 3rd person camera that adjusts on the terrain.
· Normal and parallax mapped textures.
· Physics.
· Decals.
· Animation blending.
· Delay loaded content.
· Scope mode.
· And a compass.


· OpenGL 2.0+ rendered graphics.
· All game code written in Corman Common Lisp   using LispIDE.
· Uses Horde3D graphics engine.
· Uses IrrKlang sound library.
· Uses TrueAxis physics engine.


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