About DaanCalendar

DaanCalendar is a small, fast and simple program that will let you insert events for each day of a month. Publish the calendar to a webpage and an active reminder are some of it's features. You'll never miss another appointment!

software screenshot


· Very small & fast (only 325KB executable!).
· Sits quietly in you systemtray.
· Export to XML.
· View in browser using a selectable XSL stylesheet.
· Save and read CSV (Comma separated files).
· Simple exporting to Excel.
· Simple active reminder system.
· Insert events for as many months and years as you wish (only registered users).
· You can use your mousewheel to change months.
· Includes an example calendar with holidays from all over the world.


DaanCalendar.exe (192 KB) 7.Nov.2015 - DaanCalendar build 2.0 installation package for Windows Vista/7/8/10.


Since version 2.0 DaanCalendar is freeware.