About SyncSFTP

SyncSFTP.exe is a commandline tool that connects to a server, monitors a local directory tree and keeps the remote dir in sync using SFTP commands.

SyncSFTP.exe is freeware. It uses Putty's SFTP client for transfers.


SyncSFTP.exe [-p] [psftp args]

-p: prompt for password

For [psftp args] see psftp.exe -h
Edit includes.txt for file matching.


SyncSFTP.exe -p c:\myproject /home/myusername/myproject myusername@myservername.com


You need a file includes.txt that holds lines of matching files that are updated on the server. You can use wildcards here. The default settings match all files.

How Does it work?

SyncSFTP monitors a directory tree using the ReadDirectoryChangesW API. Then it opens a pipe to PSFTP.exe (free SFTP client by Simon Tatham). and sends SFTP commands when a change on the filesystem occurs.

You can use the '-p' commandline switch to enable a password prompt which will be piped into PSFTP.


SyncSFTP.zip (218 KB) 12.Apr.2011 - SyncSFTP package for Windows ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista/7