About TimeTable

TimeTable is a tool for anyone who needs a visual timetable. It provides an easy way of scheduling the events for each of the maximum 20 timebars. With use of dragging, cut, copy & paste and multiple selections you can easily schedule your events. By working on the timetable in a visual way you can easily see overlapping events. Of course you can load/save your tables, put comments in it and print a report. TimeTable is provided with context sensitive help, which means if you click the question mark in the top right corner of each window, you get help concerning the clicked object.

software screenshot


· Fully scaleable with a maximum of 20 timebars.
· Drag & drop
· Multiple selections
· Cut, copy & paste events.
· Print reports.
· Load/save timetables (registered version only)


timetable_setup.exe (3192 KB) 28.Mar.2000 - TimeTable - V1.0 installation package for Windows ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista.


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